Before you shave

before shave

1. Use a sharp blade. Replace worn parts as necessary. Dull blades will pull hair, increases risk of ingrown hairs, and just don't do the job. Electric shavers should come with instructions on how often to replace parts. A good rule of thumb for disposable razors is you should not need to use any pressure -- if you do, replace it

2. If the hair is very long (never been shaved before) you may want to clip it, with scissors, first

3. Soak in warm water first for at least three minutes. This is especially important for coarser pubic and armpit hair. Warm water softens the hair, opens the hair follicle and relaxes the skin. Wet hair reduces wear on the blade and stands up easier

4. If you are using a regular razor blade or an electric razor that allows you to use shaving gel, apply it and let it sit for at least four minutes. This helps soften the hair more, locks moisture into the hair, helps keep the hair erect, reduces friction and conditions the skin. You should always use some sort of foamy stuff meant for shaving. Otherwise you may get razor burn (red raw skin, irritation, or bumps). Thicker is better protection for your skin

5. You can use hair conditioner to help soften the hair first if it's especially coarse. Just let it sit for a while, then rinse thoroughly

6. Avoid shaving when you first get up after sleeping. Body fluids make the skin more puffy. After 20 to 30 minutes the skin becomes more taut and the hair shaft more exposed

Good Shaving!

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