Arm Hair Removal

Women and men remove hair from their arms more often than you'd think.
But removing hair from your arms provides a unique set of requirements.
Shaving is quick and painless, though stubble on your arms may be more of a disadvantage than you'd prefer.
For this reason, waxing or sugaring are the recommended methods for temporary hair removal on the arms. With waxing or sugaring regrowth will be finer, and will look less like stubble.

What's more, both these methods last longer than shaving.
You can have waxing or sugaring performed professionally for around $30-$50, you can by a home waxing/sugaring kit for around $30, or you can even make your own sugaring recipe at home for easy hair removal at almost no cost.

As your arms are straight and relatively flat, they are a relatively simple area to remove hair from.
Waxing or sugaring your arms is like any other body part. Spread the solution on your skin with the direction of hair growth in a small patch.
Next, press the cloth strip on top and stroke it firmly a few times in the direction of hair growth.
Then grip one end of the fabric and pull it quickly back, towards the opposite end of the strip. You should always pull back, not up or forward.
With sugaring you can reuse the same strip until it looses its ability to grip hair.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal can also be plausible options for permanent hair reduction or removal.
If your hair is dark and your skin is light, laser may be for you. It works by targeting the melanin in your hair, heating it and subsequently 'disabling' the hair follicle.
Laser can be especially good for the arms, where hair reduction may be the desired outcome, rather than total hair removal.
However, laser treatment can be expensive, and can require multiple treatments for satisfactory hair reduction.
A good technique for finding a quality laser technician is to ask around for other people's experience with laser hair removal. It's important to find a skilled professional, as lots of money time, and comfort can be wasted.

However, if you do want as much permanent hair removal as is currently available, electrolysis is the way to go.
Electrolysis works by placing a hair-thin needle into the hair follicle, and electrifying it, zapping the root.
Hair by hair, this is generally the agreed upon method for permanent hair removal.
However it can be a long, uncomfortable process, with each hair treated individually. Also it can be very expensive, with treatments possibly continuing for a year or more for large areas.
If you want to undergo electrolysis, again it is important to find a skilled technician. Ask around, good practitioners will have good things said about them.

Also methods such as friction, threading, and depilatory creams can work well for the arms. Ultimately it's up to you and your preferences.

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