Pubic Hair Styles - Bikini Waxing Styles and Pubic Hair Shaving

Styling pubic hair is common practice today and it's becoming more and more popular. Hearts, triangles and flowers are now among the pubic hair styles women choose. In fact, many women shape their pubic hair into whatever pubic hair style they think reflects their personality.

Bikini waxing styles

Waxing is only good for fairly simple pubic hair styles. A French bikini wax is probably the least radical and a Brazilian the most. A French bikini wax is where hair is only removed from either side and above the bikini area. If you decide to have a Brazilian, you could be left with no pubic hair at all or perhaps only a small "landing strip" of hair. Whatever bikini waxing style you choose, you should make sure you communicate it clearly to whoever is doing the waxing unless you want to leave the salon with more-or less-than you bargained for. You can do a French bikini wax yourself at home but a Brazilian wax should always be done at a salon or spa.

Pubic hair styles and pubic hair shaving

You don't need to be a hairdresser to style your pubic hair but it will help if you're a wiz with a razor. If you are not, it might be a good idea to buy a product specially made for pubic hair styles. Whether just a trim or shaping your pubic hair, there are some guidelines that should be followed;

To get the best results follow these steps. First take a hot shower or bath to soften pubic hair and ensure it's really clean. Then dry the area thoroughly. Next, carefully trim pubic hair using a pair of small sharp scissors. Now you can begin pubic hair shaving. If you're using a razor, cover the area you want to shave with plenty of shaving cream or gel and make sure you use a good-quality safety razor. Work carefully and slowly checking your progress in the mirror. Try not to shave the same area over and over again as this can lead to razor-burn, skin irritations and ingrown hairs.


Kia said...

weeee, love this era! getting a brazilian bikini isn't a luxury anymore. It's part of the hygienic practice :D

bikini wax said...

Triangle ,rectangle or heart you can make any shape at your pubic hair by using razors and shavers.Try it.....

Anonymous said...

I have coloured my well trimmed and short pubic hairs into blonde, black or red.