Bald Head - It's Cool

There was a time when hair was everything (heck, they even made a musical about it!), a time when a hair dropping off your scalp was a sight of terror, and words like hair loss and balding were the worst things a man could hear from someone else’s mouth. Bald head care wasn’t even mentioned, because it meant resignation and shame.

Luckily, these times have changed; balding men have started to realize –finally- that there are millions like them, and that it’s no good to obsess over some hair on top of our heads. The change has been so strong that even men with fully grown hair, shave their heads in order to be bald – and look great!

Bald head care means approaching hair care from a different perspective. Now it’s more about our skin, a part of our body that may be the more exposed to the rays of the sun and dryness. You still have to massage it for instance, and apply shampoo to keep it clean, but you also need to moisten the skin, using a face moisturizer with SPF.

In case you have hair and want to go bald, you could also use some head shaving advice. These days you can find great products made specifically to head shaving, including razor blades and shaving gels for dry shaving. Head shaving I think started going mainstream when the scalp of Michael Jordan started to shine on the basketball courts, now we see it everywhere, from Bruce Willis to Jack Nicholson…and even Britney Spears!

As you see, now bald can be cool (as long as you don’t have a nasty comb-over), and not only that, it will save you a lot of time when you need grooming, because you don’t have any hair to style! You will experience the freedom of waking up every morning without your head looking messy. Have a bald look, be free and be cool.

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